Once you have passed your driving test you can improve your driving skills by taking the Pass Plus course. SIGNAL..... is a Pass Plus registered driving school. This short course involves 6 training modules and has no test at the end. You simply have to satisfy the requirements of the course.

Completion of the course is recommended and recognised by many insurance companies.

This could save you a considerable amount of money. The modules

• Town driving
• All weather driving
• Driving on rural roads
• Night driving
• Dual Carriageways
• Motorways

for the course are:


During your training a comprehensive driver training record will be kept so that you and your instructor can monitor and assess your progress. When you are getting things consistently right during you driving lessons you are ready to take the practical driving test. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommend that on average it will take approximately 40 hours of driver training with an approved driving instructor to be ready for your practical test.

The test lasts about 40 minutes. It begins with an eyesight check, followed by 2 vehicle maintenance questions. The drive will test all those skills that you will have worked hard with your instructor to get right. 2 manoeuvres will be carried out during the test and 1 in 3 candidates selected at random will be asked to carry out a controlled stop, sometimes called the emergency stop.

There is no such thing as the perfect driver so you will be allowed to make up to 15 minor errors and still pass. SIGNAL ....will help you become the best driver you can be.


The journey to becoming a qualified driver requires you to pass the Theory test. This can be achieved at any point during your 'driving training' or even before you start driving lessons, but it is advisable to be well prepared as with any other test.

The test is in two parts: a 50 question multiple choice answer test and a hazard perception test. Both tests are computer based and can be taken locally. SIGNAL.. ..will help you with this at every stage of your training and believe that it is an integral part of your overall training.

We will supply practice material FREE of charge, can advise on other recommended study material and will support you through this first test. Pupils with previous experience of other driving schools often comment how much they learn with SIGNAL !